I was born to a hunter family and I’ve been surouded by dogs for all of my life. My grandfather was one of first owners of Weimaraners in Czechoslovakia. He brought them form our family relatives from Germany in early seventhies. He had and trained also German Shepherds and was the first ever owner of Malinois in Czechoslovakia., which he brought in 1968, 20 years before the official breeding in Czechoslovakia started.

When I was on my studies abroad, I was not able to keep any dogs and breed, but I had a Great Dane in that time, who travel me everywhere I gone.

When I married, with my husband we came back to the Weimaraners. His family used to breed Weimaraners Longhair for many years. So the decision was very easy. We have both varieties and also we have Hungarian Vizslas, Slovakian Rough-haired Pointers, Bloodhounds and of course Malinois.

Our dogs are actively used for hunting cross Europe and sports. Some of them are also certified rescue or canistherapy dogs. On dog shows they are allways successful and have lot of titles and Championships.

We reside between London and North Wales, where our house is surrounded by great nature and is very close to the sea. Our dogs are full family members. They live in the house, have free movement and free access to the garden. As other family members, they have own rooms with beds, sofas, toys…

All our dogs are health tested, keep the standard of the breed, have several dog show titles and several working tests and trials.

We organize summer camps for owner of our puppies, where we train Obedience and Hunting. The camps are open also for other people.

We also provide intensive Obedience trainings for dogs finished by exam (Levels I., II., III.) and Hunting trainings for gun dogs and Bloodhounds (field, water and blood tracking). For those trainings are the dog-students accommodated by us and return home fully trained.

We also manage the transport of dogs cross Europe by car and worldwide by plane.

Our kennel names are officialy registered under the Kennel Club in United Kingdom and FCI.